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Managing Your Time, when Music isnt Your Day Job

You CAN do everything.Repeat.

Performing, Whats the Big Deal?

Performance concern is not a little that only happens to musicians, singers, actors and dancers. It happens any time we feel anxiety to "perform" in a detail location or over a age of time.

Social Networking and Music: MySpace Puts It All At once in a Virtual Community

Today's music fan interacts with a "community" that is far better than a person ever dreamed achievable beforehand the common not public use of the Internet. This collective networking is varying the way colonize promote and sell music and it's doing so on a inclusive scale.

Taking iPod Civilization into Clubs as Well as Cyberspace: Jonny Rocket Interviewed by The G-Man

Already creation adequate of noise in the market is a new idea called Playlist, which exists both as a club and as an online music clash (see www.ipod-dj.

New Age Piano and Improvisation

There are so many areas in life where one must do equipment right. Thankfully, art is an area where great discoveries are made by creation mistakes!Take ad-libbing for example.

Getting the Best Carrying out From Your Artist

So now you've absolute to best your songs. Good for you, aside from that you will need ancestors to play the instruments for which your music calls for.

The A mixture of Countries - A Rant About Fatherland Music

It is no cloak-and-dagger that over the past combine decades countryside music has struggled with it's characteristics far more than any other genre in the industry. At this point insignificant person can certainly claim to be a countryside music fan exclusive of being questioned what kind of land fan? The answers being seemingly endless, I've broken down them down into a few main categories (but really, there could be so many more).

Are iPods Shifting the Way We Eavesdrop to Music

They're everywhere, and not only are they everywhere, they look cool too. Since its launch in 2001, 10 million have sold and 8 million of those were in 2004.

Name That Tune - Tips For When You Can't Bring to mind The Song Title Or Artist

For years, you have been probing for a song blocked in your brain that is dynamic you nuts. Unfortunately, you have ancient history both the song title and the actor and all you consider are a few words.

Play Piano in the New Age Style

It's not what you play, it's how you play it. These words encapsulate the art of piano live in broad-spectrum and New Age piano in concert in particular.

Home Run Gigs

Are you still in performance your heart out to small audiences on gigs at ungrateful dives (excuse me, I meant to say nightclubs) that feel paying you a duo of hundred dollars for a 3-4 hour gig is also paying you about $150 too much?Unless you are a masochist, why do you carry on to take such beatings? Is it due to laziness, complacency, cynicism, your now being jaded, or a code of any of the above?Are you aware that you could dramatically build up your live performance pay packet by creation clear-cut changes in the types of performances that you accept?For instance, see the below list of gig types and the be an average of earnings possible, compared to conventional disco work:* Weddings ($1,000 *minimum* for 2-3 hours work)Instead of effective by hand to death, so to speak, by chasing wedding act opportunities on an creature basis, bear in mind approaching a add up to of area caterers and offering your army to them as an add-on to their own services as, obviously, they will have a lot more client opportunities.Not only will your music benefit now give catering companies more value, as the client can now also purchase the wedding entertainment all through a free source as contrasting to contracting performers separately, but this distinct joint venture alone will dramatically amplify your income, and on a more coherent basis.

How to Make $30,000 with Your Music Ahead of Years End

As an all-embracing musician and/or copy artist, if you did *NOT* earn $30,000 (or more) with your music alone last year, let's jump right in and get you ongoing with doing so this year.Again, bear in mind that the main crucial ingredient is "consistency" of every aspect, and on a weekly basis.

How to Make State-of-the-Art Video Singles Cheaply

When it comes to promoting their new music releases, I have found that most musicians only be concerned about radio as the vehicle for exposing their music to the public.Rarely do they believe publicity, in the form of print media, i.

Setting Up In-House Retail Sales

Now, that you are accustomed and liable coupled with online music sales sites, such as CD Baby, or arrangement online/offline retail sites, such as The Orchard, you are probably comfortable in having your music allotment and sales equitably covered.But, what if you could get even more music sales, and even more profitable income?I'm dialogue of consigning your consequence to retail stores, but, with one exception.

Alternative Sales Sources for Your Music

Following, is a list of complementary sources that may be engrossed in moving your music for sale for their distinct clients and customers, if only they were aware of your music.Most of the clients and customers are previously "captive" audiences who are behind you on a consequence or service, so why not promote (and sell) to them as they wait?Additionally, if these sources have their own in-house music arrangement (which many do), you should also speak with them a propos accumulation your music to their own in-house "playlist.

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