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How to Be converted into a Filthy Rich Best Label Mogul

Let me guess, you love music and would do whatever thing to be able to enter into the amazing life of the music business? Advance yet, you would love to be converted into the next best mogul like P.Diddy or Clive Davis.

New M3 with Contest Package

The new battle box up existing for the BMW M3 is about sad as it is wonderful. With all deliberate of the biting rumors of the M3's power plant shifting to a V8, it's approximately heart contravention to think about the legendary above-board 6 cylinder being laid to rest.

The Death-Defying Warehouse Party Life: An Interview by William of Orange

About an intact local music business that's not often heard from, for a short time navigated by a cold being that coalesces, rarely, about music scenes and their absurd atrocities; in print by "The Stranger" weekly newspaper of Seattle, WA.Sonny Chelf is the orneriest house party producer I know who hails from Tacoma.

Top Rap Song

After months of email and posts, we've after all compiled and rated what you submitted as the top rap songs of all time. At first we tried to rank these, but we realized that due to the diverse character of these songs it seemed unfair to do so.

Hip Hop History

Rap music originated as a cross-cultural product. Most of its chief early practitioners-including Kool Herc, D.

How to Construct a Multi-artistic Piece - Part II

In the last article, the conception of a theme, its development, and the use of a words were discussed. As one may recall, the theme is the kernel of a production, which dictates the character of the piece.

How I Calm a Piece of Music

A add up to of citizens have asked about my own line of attack for creating a absolute piece of music at the piano. At the risk of oversimplification, the steps are as follows:1.

10 Top Reasons You Be supposed to Learn to Play Chord Piano

There are approximately umpteen zillion reasons why you must learn an adequate amount chords to be able to "chord a song" at the piano. By "chord a song", I mean the aptitude to play 3 or 4 chords on the piano in some sort of rhythm while you or a celebrity else sings the tune.

Self-Expression Exclusive of Criticism

When I was 9 years old I played the Saxophone and attention I was attractive good at it. Unfortunately, I had a coach who didn't think so and he went out of his way to make sure I knew how he felt.

The King of the Delta Blues Singers - Robert Johnson Still Stands at the Crossroads

Probably the most mysterious Songster and Guitarist of the twentieth Century is now one of the most respected and respected of all Musicians who make up the Genre of the 'Blues'. I speak of course of action about the brilliant Robert Leroy Johnson.

Arpeggios and New Age Piano Playing

Chopin used them extensively. So did Beethoven and Mozart.

3 Secrets To Accepting What Makes Music Tick

It's no cloak-and-dagger that in effect each loves music in some form or other. After all, music is the entire language.

Yo, is Rap Just A different Four Correspondence Word?

Flaunting any undue or anti-social activities is careful brazen. When it is no longer measured bald-faced it is proof that it has develop into embedded as part of our culture.

Music Bytes - Tips For Economy On Expert Software For Musicians, Part I

If you are outraged by the prices software giants call for their tools, it's time to check out shareware. Small autonomous developers often bestow analogous solutions that cost three to five times less AND you get to try them ahead of paying.

The Ostinato - What It is and How to Use It

Ostinato means "repeating pattern" and is used often in all types of music. For New Age piano players, it provides a great way to lay down the conditions of the piece while the right-hand improvises a melody!For example, in the class "Winter Scene," we have a repeating configuration going on in the left-hand using 2 chords.

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