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Right-Hand Techniques for New Age Piano

Recently, I had a apprentice ask me to offer some techniques for using the right hand. Usually, it's the left hand that causes the most complicatedness but I had to think about it as up till then, I especially did not have any "techniques" for the right hand.

How to Construct Attractive Textures

A lot of new age piano music consists of repeating patterns, or textures in the left hand while the right hand improvises a melody. This advance is especially a good one! It frees you up to construct in the moment.

New Age Piano Live and the Sustain Pedal

There are 3 gearshift on most pianos. The one on the left dampens the strings and makes the sound come out softer.

Form - Bountiful Shape to Your Music

Do you digress on endlessly with your improvisations? If so, good. This has its place in music creation and in new age piano in concert in particularly.

Review: The Bled - Pass the Flask

Released in 2003, Pass the Flask bowed this barely quintet from Tucson, into a mainstream sensation overnight. Classifying this band as 'metalcore' or 'indie' or 'hardcore' is quite futile, since for every genre you pick, a big name is going to disagree, and have a solid aid for their view.

Music & Intelligence: Will Listening to Music Make You Smarter?

Will listening to music make you smarter? Will education to play a musical instrument make your brain grow superior than normal?Questions like these ones have been popping up all over the place in the past few years, and not just in controlled journals either.In hot times the media has been fascinated by the examine surrounding brain change and music, eagerly exposure on the hottest studies to the delight of the music-loving parents of young children.

Win Links & Change Ancestors All through Music -- Is It Possible?

The idea that studying music improves the collective advance of a child is not a new one, but at last there is incontestable corroborate from a study conducted out of the Academe of Toronto.The study, available in the Imposing issue of Psychological Discipline was led by Dr.

Interested in Humanizing the Sound of Your Stereo? Be concerned about Records

Introduced in 1982, the compact disc was future to endow with develop sound than the 40-year-old long-play best ever album, readily known as the LP. Using a laser instead than a lozenge needle for playback the compact disc was smaller, more expedient to use, and less susceptible to break than the LP.

Composing George Winston Style

If you're a fan of New Age piano, no doubt you've listened to some of George Winston's music. What I find fascinating about his songs is how he creates them.

Be An Methodical Minster Pianist

Playing in front of a worshippers each Sunday is no easy feat. Make sure you are well equipped beforehand benevolent your best for God and already others.

Music & Emotions: Can Music Certainly Make You a Happier Person?

How many times have you twisted to music to fortify you even added in happy times, or sought after the comfort of music when dejection strikes?Music affects us all. But only in fresh times have scientists required to defend and calculate the way music impacts us at an emotional level.

Vintage Guitar Collectors Can Still Find Deals

If you're a contemporary vintage guitar collector, the stories you've heard are true. You once could step into pawn shops or flea markets and find vintage Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters for $50 to $100.

Music & Citizenship: Can In performance a Musical Instrument Help Your Child Befit a Beat Citizen?

Disregard the admired image of rappers with their ghetto blasters, scary neighborhoods with eardrum-splitting cacophony. Care about in its place our delightful educate bands and orchestras? and brood over on whether those students might be befitting our best forthcoming citizens.

Music Downloads: Free & Low Cost Ways For Musicians To Get Their Music Known All Over The World

Music downloads are abundantly compressed audio files transferred onto a own cpu from an Internet website or P2P (peer to peer) program. From IPOD's to MP3 players galore, music downloading is seen as the highest way for a musician to get his or her work out to the public.

Songs Await Singer

I Want To Grow Old With You (C)Chorus: I want to grow old with you..

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