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Motorhead-"Inferno"-Review by Les Lewellyn

When David Grohl of Fantasy and Foo Armed forces fame announcement the amazing CD "Probot" this year it rekindled my metal tastebuds. For those of you not comfortable with his development I'll explain. He recorded songs on which he played all instruments and he had guest vocalists come in and sing as well as write the lyrics and play at all instrument they might also play. The cd skin vocalists such as King Diamond, Snake from Voivod, and many other great singers/musicians. The whole cd flows like it was a gift from God or at least the Heavy Metal God. On that cd Lemmy from Motorhead does a fantastic job on the tune "Shake Your Blood". On first snoop I was excited to hear Lemmy singing on such a amazing tune and the excitement was a sufficient amount for me to do some google penetrating and that is where I found out that the boys were back and had a new CD on the rampage on the indie label Place of safety allowed "Inferno". Like Monster Magnet, being on an indie has enhanced their sound big time!

Always a rough and tough rocking band, Motorhead has never rocked like they do on this CD. What's amazing is how great Lemmy's singing part sound. I have loved the band since their activation and my attachment for Lemmy dates back to his Hawkwind days. I have to say I have enjoyed Motorhead at whatever time I've bought a cd and listened. But NEVER have I been entrapped into their sound like I am today.

The aperture song, "Terminal Show", skin tone Steve Vai on guitar. I have to admit even even if I'm a guitarist I admiration Steve Vai but I just can't get into the instrumental cds he's released. Actually, I dig them I just don't find in my opinion before a live audience them very often. But Steve takes hold of "Terminal Show" and sounds like he's in the band. He refrains from overplaying his part and he fits Motorhead like a glove. Philip Campbell, Motorhead's guitarist, allows Steve Vai to play with no conflicts and it's sweet as honey! But Philip Campbell then goes on to play lead on all the rest of the tunes like a ghoul in heat except the end of "Down On Me" on which Steve Vai returns. What's cool about this is the fact that the two tunes on which Steve Vai plays guitar are not of necessity the best on the cd. It's a seemless assortment of tunes that will rock the toughest crowd. I can only conceive of how great they sound live and I can't wait to catch them on their contemporary tour.

Mikkey Dee takings on drums and this cat pounds the hell out of them. Lemmy attacks the bass like a enthusiast and his singing part are his best to date. The cd never gets politcal but it does paint a dim look at life in these awkward times. It's actually kind of frightening how credible Lemmy sounds on the tune "Killers". Evidently the dude is fascinated with murder since he sings three tunes about the topic. I'm glad he's got his bass and band to keep him busy!!!!

I know I claimed Monster Attraction have the best cd this year but I have to say that Motorhead are advent in with a tie at least! "Inferno" is a must buy cd for any hard rock fan. From start to be over the album soars past and hassle constant plays. I am sure that Motorhead's old fans will freak out over this cd and also they've formed a cd that will optimistically get them some new young fans. Visit their site at http://www. imotorhead. com Buy this CD!

Copyright Grand 2004 by Les Lewellyn

Originally available by Preyinglizardmusic. com


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