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14 ways musicians can amplify their tips - music


I was listening to NPR the other day when they did a arrive on tipping in the restaurant industry. One they had a list of tips on how wait staff can add to their tips.

That got me brainstorming and surfing the net for other ideas to boost tips. That joint with lots of performances at New start Festivals helped me to arise my own list of ways musicians can convalesce their tips.

1. Commence manually by name

Too often musicians disregard to begin themselves on stage. Make sure you tell the listeners your band name, but to actually boost your tips, you be supposed to also bring in yourselves individually. Let citizens know who you are as an creature and you'll see bigger tips.

2. Go out into the consultation with a tip jar

You especially can't be passive when it comes to being paid tips. You have to walk out into the consultation with some visual citation that says "Tip Me!", and they will tip you.

3. Meet your consultation at their level

Take the time to talk to your listeners members at their level. Property a debate from a stage puts a wall amid you and them. So instead, go out into the interview and talk to them face to face. Kneel if they're at a table, so you're at eye level. And if you have ayour tip jar with you, you will you will not only gain a fan, but you will also better your tips.

4. Make your development personal

We wear kilts to most of our gigs. A kilt adds a very not public touch It links us to a a selection of civilization and makes citizens take notice. Avenue you don't have to go that route, as an alternative find some piece of clothing that reflects your personality and you will boost your tips.

5. Counsel your desired CD

If you have numerous CDs, your addressees will all the time ask for your favorite. Tell them what it is. If you only have one, you can do the same by recommending other artists that you like. That adds a two-fold improvement of selection your addressees find music they like and portion your fellow musicians.

6. Smile

A bright, assertive smile will bring fans back again and again with lots o'big tips.

7. Absorb your interview in the music with a joke or game

Next time you're up on stage, see what happens when you joke about with the audience. Your personality will glow all the more and so will your tips.

8. Chat with fans by name

Music fans love nil more than to be acclaimed by the bands they love. So do your best to bring to mind their names. They will feel that much more emotionally involved to your music and feel like your friend. And these acquaintances will tip you advance for the courtesy.

9. Touch your audience

When you're out socializing with your audience, touch them (in a non-sexual way). Whether you shake their hand, pat them on the shoulder or back, or just brush adjacent to them, wait staff find that that even that will boost their tips 50%. And it will yours too.

10. Use tip jars with the VISA/Mastercard Logo

According to studies done in restaurants, just as those logos is an adequate amount to cheer customers to tip more. I know it sounds crazy, but give it a try. You may be pleasantly astonished with the results.

11. Give your interview amazing in benefit for their tip

People love ambiance like they're in receipt of their money's worth. And many ancestors don't accomplish you must tip bands. So give a bit in return. It could be a bit as big as a decal or magnet, or as clear-cut as a affair card that might comprise a $1 off your CDs. Or hey what about feeding their sweet tooth with a piece of candy. Anything the case, that hardly gift will mean big tipping results.

12. Draw a picture

On a akin note, if you give them a big business card, draw or make a criticism on it. That piece will be more constructive to them and will conclusion in larger tips.

13. Make tipping a part of the show

Why wait until the end of the set to ask for tips. Sing a song about tipping, or get your listeners caught up in the tipping deal with by shouting something. Or offer a prize to the first tipper. But integrate it into your show and it won't seem like you're just beseeching for money, moderately you're assembly it fun to tip.

14. Thank your audience

No gig would be accomplished lacking an audience. So thank them for compelling the time to watch you perform. They will feel the own touch and counter when you ask for money.

15. Bonus Tipping Suggestion:

If the adjust is five dollars, never come back a five-dollar bill. Continually give back five ones. This allows the patron to tip you with some of the dough bills you returned. You will hardly ever get a $5 tip and chronic a $5 bill will turn off tippers. In general, it's good to come again all ones if the alter is less than $8. You want the consumer to have at least two ones so they can give it back as the tip.

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