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Eminem's roots can be found in Scandinavia all the way through his care for Debbie Nelson and in South Wales because of his minister Marshall Bruce Mathers II.

But Eminem has as a rule Scottish blood in a row by means of his veins. On both sides( caring and affectionate sides), Scottish roots can be found.

Back to the 7 th age bracket on the kind side, Peter Mathers from Pennsylvania married a Scottish woman named Isabella (last name unknown). On the kind side, Scottish roots can be found in Marshall's breed in the 6 th age band : Ailsa Mc Allister from Edingburgh emigrated to the United States -precisely to New York in 1870.

Most of the Mathers have been functioning as farmers in the state of Missouri.

Marshall Mathers I, Eminem's kind grandfather has been operational as an helper hotel executive at Plainsman Hotel in st Joseph Missouri and his wife Rae has been employed at Del Cornonado hotel in guest services.

When Eminem's kind grandmother Rae died a moment ago in 2002 from an Alzheimer desease , Marshall Mathers II exposed exciting papers correlated to his illustrious son like a Christmas card from Marshall addressed to his grandmother Rae.

Ethymology of the name Mathers

Mathers means mower or reaper.

History of the name Mathers

The name Mathers is allied to the Scottish Barclay clan. The ancestors Barclay advanced down in a place called Mathers in Scotland in the 13 th century. The chronicle of the Mathers goes back to an english colonist Theobald de Berkeley and his son who owned the estate of Mathers. Alexander was the first to use the surname Mathers.

Pronounciation of the surname Mathers

It is frequently admitted that the surname Mathers is pronounced as if there was an y in the central of the name : Ma(y)thers .

If you want to know more about the description and family of the ancestors Mathers, you can find some appealing info here :

homepage. ntlworld. com/davepalmer/eminem/credits. htm

I'd like to thank the citizens who made up this exciting website. I open a lot of info about Marshall's kind side. I have a lot of info about his kind side, so I hope to be able to absolute his children tree as soon as possible.

I do teach English and German at civic schools. I am an Eminem writer and a irregular music journalist.


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