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Was the application six months ago, a sixtieth birthday party, the client said. It got me thinking. There is a whole available bazaar out there for citizens who lived as teenagers and twenty somethings by means of the sixties and seventies. They are all advent up to this big sixtieth birthday date and they all love the kind of music I love to play and earn my breathing out of! More than that, their kids are off their hands, their finance is paid up and they can find the money for to dash out on a big celebration.

That isn't the real aim for characters this article, in fact it has very diminutive to do with the area of interest which is about the day in the life of a functioning expert London musician. It did get me thinking, however, how equipment have distorted from my own youth. When I was young, sixty-year-old men smoked untipped fags, wore flat caps and suits and listened to Max Bygraves. Now the arithmetic mean sixty year old will be a fan of Wilson Pickett, Otis Reading, James Brown and The Gravel and be dressing in Gap. He or she will categorically not be a smoker!!

The appointment was in West Sussex, a lovely part of the world, in late June. The come through was accurate as I biased up the car. For a soul band music gig you need clarification and some lighting as well as a cd player for care the music and character going for when the band takes a break. I selected up my bass player Andy mid afternoon, and we drove down at once to the sixtieth birthday party. Andy is no stranger to soul band work. He was musical boss a few years ago to the Flirtations, a sixties Motown soul music band who had three or four hits back in the nineteen sixties. A very skilled and talented musician Andy has also worked with Van Morrison, Phil Collins and Eddie Booklover as well as 1980`s swing band Wall Avenue Crash. Being a close alone for twenty-five years the trip down to the party was a pleasure. Good company, good conversation, lovely coarsen and countryside and the anticipation of a very rocking gig with some great players!

As usual we here early. The party we were in performance soul music for were still having ceremonial dinner and would be at least a further hour. That was fine with us as the venue of the party was delightful. The anyone who's sixtieth birthday it was had approved drinks for us and so while we brought the musical gear in to the venue a pot of tea was rustled up for us. Over a brew and the gear session exterior the affair room, we certain on what order the soul music for the party be supposed to take. There is no point in performance the real lively soul music tunes too early on. A group of sixty year olds with full stomachs are not going to be grateful for being coerced into in receipt of down to Mustang Sally by a full on soul band after a big rich pud! The party is at all times best ongoing with some more laid back soul music by colonize like Al Green and Ben E King.

The other musicians from the band start to appear and bring their gear in. There is still time for a cup of tea and we order it for them even as guitars and drums are brought into the hotel. Brusquely the room begins to clear. The sixty-year-old birthday boy is apparently keen to party and doesn't want to waste time on speeches! As the guests make their way to the bar, go out for a smoke (the young ones?they'll learn) or take the lovely Sussex sundown air, the band dives in and sets up the gear for the party. We meet the host who insists on describing, in detail, a gig he went to in the sixties featuring Stax star Otis Analysis who was a master of the soul music genre and a legend in soul music. We are torn concerning background up on time and listening to some one check their memories of a legend! Being a big fan in my opinion I am able to check a few memories of my own of considering the Blues Brothers soul and blues band with legendary players Booker T, Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn. These guys are soul music folklore too, having played and in black and white the hit "Green Onions" and having backed Otis Appraisal and Sam and Dave on many of their live gigs both in London and America. Steve Cropper was also the essayist of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay", "Knock on Wood" and "In the Midnight Hour", all soul music tunes we play in our soul band as part of our set and tunes we future live for the sixtieth birthday party that very night.

The band is set, the illumination are on and we have in progress our evening's entertainment. There are by now a few associates on the floor dancing to that great Bill Withers tune "Lovely Day" and it makes me appreciate that associates who were budding up in the sixties are much more in tune with live music and are used to dancing to a live band than the existing generation. What also hits home is how the cohort of today, when they get the break to pay attention to a great soul band in performance great soul music, get jammed up by the music we play and counter so well to it. It makes me accomplish that bands such as mine will be live soul music for a party like this and like we do for younger personnel weddings, long after in progress musical trends die.

The dusk progresses, the soul band picks up in tempo, the horns are riffing those accustomed riffs from such favourites as "Hold on I`m Coming," "Dancing in the Street" and "I Feel Good". I at all times kid Mark our main vocalist and master guitarist when he sings "I Feel Good" by James Brown. James Brown is in his mid seventies, American and black. Mark is white, in his forties and from Scunthorpe! At the end of the tune I say what I constantly say?. it at all times gets a laugh?"Its like James Brown was in the room!"

The consultation is killing in there with us. Soaked to the skin in sweat and transported in time, they are back in the Flamingo in Soho or some other covered with sweat dive of their youth. I look round and the boys in the band are having a ball. We are functioning real hard; we are sweating more than the audience. To make a band like ours rock as hard as it does requires a great deal of energy. Soul music isn't music played off the back foot; it is high-energy music that drives. As such, whether it is loud or quiet, it requires total binder and all ones animal resources. An amateur band just doesn't cut it. They are incapable to give the energy coupled with the sense of chill that good soul music requires. It needs insistent custom of ones instrument, high energy all nightfall that cannot drop?in fact it must become more intense as the nightfall progresses and a lot of determination that only continual work on your instrument gives you.

Before we know it the night is over. We deal with to convince the birthday boy, after two encores, that it is time to finish. He is delighted with the band and the soul music we have played for his party. A few of his guests have come up for affair cards. They too have sixtieth birthday parties advent up and they too love their soul music!!

We have been paid and the gear has been packed away. We are debating whether to employ a roadie at the moment. All in the band loves in concert soul music for a party but no one likes to cart gear! The funny thing is this. Every year know-how makes musical gear lighter but in some way every year the gear feels faintly heavier!! As you, me, everybody, gets faster to his or her sixtieth birthday party I consider the lot gets just that hardly bit heavier!

We say our goodbyes. Hugs and handshakes. You wouldn't accept as true that we see each other on arithmetic mean two or three times a week! On the way home we leave the radio off. It is time for quiet reflection. We confer the gig. What went well. How we could build up the set order. We choose we can`t. What new tunes we want to incorporate into our soul music band party repertoire. This isn't easy. The most crucial criteria is to get colonize up dancing. There is at times a conflict amid favourites and the sort of tunes, which will fill the floor for the party. This is all the time our main priority. It is what we get paid for. Paid well for. We have a reputation to maintain.

Andy has been dropped off. It is two o'clock. I am home fifteen action later. The gear is brought into the house. Must look into receiving that roadie!

On goes the computer. Must check my emails. June and July are a busy time. Just as I thought. Three urgent letters that command an answer. Get to bed at three thirty. Entertain God don't let the kids wake me up ahead of ten on Sunday morning. I'll need to be up then as the band are in Birmingham in the dusk doing a new soul music party and the M6 can be murder at this time of the year.

The kids come jumping into our room at eight thirty! It doesn't matter. Monday I am absolutely free. I can get them off to instruct and come home and sleep. A big cheese once said " If you can earn your existing doing what you love you will never do a days work in your life" How true.


Jeff Williams is a London based trombonist and lead singer who has worked all over the world in most areas of the business. He also runs a successful, specialist, live music action using the best of London musicians, servicing both concealed and corporate clients in concert all over the country. He would be happy to counsel you with your own event or party and offers custom-made solutions for the accurate occasion.

Contact him on 020 8761 8932 or 07747 801471
Email him on bonejeff@aol. com
Visit the website www. jazznotjazz. co. uk

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