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Flaunting any disproportionate or anti-social deeds is painstaking brazen. When it is no longer well thought-out barefaced it is proof that it has be converted into embedded as part of our culture. Not to say this is a good thing, after all headhunting was measured a cultural norm in some societies. The ask to ask here may be, was rap ever truly a part of our culture? Will it finally run out of steam and go the way of effects like doing the twist, afro haircuts or break dancing? I for one would argue that it is not truly a part of the American cultural scene, but is a forced, twisted and contrived money automaton that appeals to only the basest passions of the youth in our country.

Long ahead of the "gangsta" building block slid over to "hip hop" the reasoning for the whole genre and style was in general professed to be, to show what life in the "hood" was like. That worked for a while and it even drew more sympathy from the if not estranged. But as lower passions would have it, the style and foreign language of rap began more and more to take on a life and determination of its own, namely?sex. If by some magic stroke sex were for the short term extricated from every rappers feelings and vocabulary, the full commerce would breakdown faster than the stock advertise in 1929. Now that's brazen!

Referring to rappers as artiste and generous them full press doesn't agreement that it is especially an art form, all it says is that its here. But was it here before? Does it certainly have whatever thing to do with the African American background, background or heritage? I advise that it does not. Very few whites have succeeded in rap but even that does not prove that it is automatically a black cultural thing. Developing up as a boy there were only two black families in our town. One of the boys from those families was my best friend. But to say that gave me even a basic comprehension of the African American civilization would be an exaggeration. Later I inwards in the city of New Orleans just after the civil civil rights laws were passed. My exposure to the black background augmented exponentially. After all I attended two seminaries the last of which was part of the Countrywide Baptist Conference a chastely African American denomination. What I naked about the African American cultivation will continually be one of the furthermost excursions of my total life.

Our complete class would sit beforehand some of the most imposing black gentlemen, professors and wait for the streams of their thoughts, judgment and data to flow down to us. Most exciting was when they shifted their accent away from the curriculum and began to disclose essentials of their confidential lives and their past. Life in New Orleans as a black man or women was no easy thing. Stories of their upbringing and their struggles would leave anybody with their heart in their throat. These old gentlemen for me were existing examples of courage dignity and the best human qualities. What I educated about black background in short is this. African Americans have a deep and antique past; they are citizens with a lasting heritage.

I am sure that the blatant extravagance of sexual descriptive and four epistle words that is rap's most prevalent aspect, is not part of their antique background and history. It does not accurately give a picture of their culture, their chronicle or any other part of their experience. I don't think my protesting is such a big deal. But I'd guess that if my old academy professors could see and hear today's rap, you would hear the roar raising up from their graves and billowing down many an American avenue.

Rev Bresciani has on paper many articles over the past thirty years in such periodicals as Guideposts and Extensive Digest. He is the biographer of two books accessible on Amazon. com, Alibris, Barnes and Noble and many other places. Rev Bresciani wrote, Hook Line and Sinker or What has Your Place of worship Been Credo You, available by PublishAmerica of Baltimore MD. He also wrote a book a short time ago on the loose by Xulon Press permitted An American Prophet and His Message, Questions and Answers on the Be with Appearance of Christ. Rev Bresciani has his own website at http://americanprophet. org


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