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The Solid-bodied Corvette (not to be bemused with the Corvette hollow-body arch-top electric, formed from 1955-1959) was Gretsch's come back with to the Les Paul Jr. by Gibson. Introduced in 1961, the Corvette Solid-body was a small, light-weight, comfortable exciting guitar that was just right for the burgeoning musician.

This killer guitar, with a solid mahogany body, solid mahogany set neck, and a rosewood fret board with pearl dots, firstly came with a free HI-Lo 'Tron pickup. The first examples had a trapeze tailpiece. By 1963, the Corvette was fair a Burns' flat-arm vibrato tailpiece. (Yes! That Burns! Good old Jim Burns from England), and came with a array of also one or two of those Hi-Lo 'Tron pickups. By mid-1963 to 1964, Gretsch distorted the banner 3/3 headstock (3 tuners on each side) to a scooby-rific 4/2 headstock aim (4 tuning keys on one side, two on the other). Most Corvettes were buffed in "cherry" red mahogany and had black pick guards. Some came with red and white stripy pick guards and a more dense red bring to an end to the body. This edition is known as the "Twist" model. Early Corvettes were also free in platinum gray be over with black pick guards, but this color was officially discontinued in 1963. Also in 1963, Gretsch happening beveling the edges of the guitar's body and sharpened the cutaway points.

Variations of the Gretsch Corvette were the Silver Duke (1964-66) which was excel silver, the Gold Duke (1964-66) - you got it - in come into your own gold, and lest we forget, the Princess (1963-64 - made for the ladies) which was obtainable in many color combinations such as white with purple sparkles, blue with white sparkles, pink with white sparkles, and white with gold sparkles - phew! The Princess also differed from the others in that it had a Palm vibrato tailpiece fairly than the Burns', gold-plated hardware in lieu of the banner nickel/chrome hardware, and a shiny belly-pad on the back.

By 1968, you could no longer get distinct pickups on the Corvettes, the Burn's vibrato was replaced with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and the HI-Lo 'Tron pickups were replaced with Super 'Tron pickups. Construction of the Gretsch Corvette wound down in the early 70's. (The Corvette did make a brief repetition from 1976 to 1978 with assorted specs - humbuckers, etc. It was not the same. )

The Gretsch Corvette (1961-early 70's) can still give you some bang for your buck in today's vintage market. You get the vintage sound and vibe, with great playability for less than you'd pay for a Paul, Jr.

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