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More so than any other music since the blues, hip-hop is all about stories. And its stories are both criminal minded and grand, construction them absorbing and unbelievable, but also building them only as attention-grabbing and credible as the teller. That's why, although being blackballed by the industry, devoid of a major-label cd contract, heads still gravitated to Jamaica, Queens' realest son, 50 Cent, like the planets to the sun. 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson 26 years ago, is the real deal, the frank article. He's a man of the streets, familiarly customary with its codes and its violence, but still, 50, an incredibly gifted and cautious man, holds himself with a regal air as if above the small-mindedness which surrounds him. Born into a notorious Queens drug family all through the late '70s, 50 Cent lost those contiguous to him at an early age. Raised devoid of a father, 50's mother, whose name approved credence in the avenue (hint, hint, dummies), was found dead under enigmatic conditions already he could hit his teens. The orphaned youth was taken in by his grandparents, who provided for 50. But his ask for equipment would drive him to the block.

Unfortunately, fixed up in commerce limbo, there wasn't much JMJ could do for 50. The platinum hitmakers Trackmasters took announcement of 50 and signed him to Columbia Report in 1999. He twisted out 36 songs in this short period, which resulted in "Power Of A Dollar," an unreleased stunning success that Blaze Magazine judged a classic. In April of '00, 50 was shot 9 times, counting a . 9mm bullet to the face, in front of his grandmothers house in Queens. He spent the next few months in recovery while Columbia Minutes dropped him from the label. He banged out track after track, even with no earnings or backing, with his new affair partner and ally Sha Money XL. They free the red, white and blue bootleg, "50 Cent Is the Future," revisiting background by Jay-Z and even Rapheal Saadiq.

Not since the summer of '94, when radio would play categorically whatever thing Notorious B. I. G. related, has hip-hop seen buzz like this. The CD featured only one new track, "Wanksta," which was definitely not deliberate for radio, but the streets couldn't wait for the authoritative definite and contained by weeks "Wanksta" became New York's most requested record. He's appearance with over ten incredible tracks stashed from last bounce and newly recorded winners courtesy of Eminem, who's exceedingly cut his creation teeth of late, and hip-hop's greatest, highest-selling producer Dr. Dre. Capable an LP of the competence of rap classics like "Illmatic," "Ready to Die," and "Reasonable Doubt," 50 Cent's debut promises to set the pace for hip-hop in appearance years. The creation of his insistent drive, talent and, frankly, his real-ness, 50's authoritative first album promises to do for him just what it says.

50 Cent


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