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"The differentiation among accomplishment and bankruptcy is information," notes Ritch Esra, and he be supposed to know. Along with his partner, Stephen Trumbull, Esra is a chief part of the digit one most-reliable basis of in a row on "who's who" and "who does what" in the music business. Best of all, they can tell you where each one is located.


The Music Affair Registry (http://www. musicregistry. com) publishes five directories: the "A&R Registry," the "Music Publisher Registry," the "Music Commerce Attorney Registry" the "Film and Box Music Guide," and the "Record Producer and CD Foist Directory. " For many in the business, these are key allusion works.

"The directories give each one vital, precise and the most up-to-date in rank they need to commerce the total A&R, music publishing, legal and film/TV music communities," Esra states. From comparing notes with dozens of professionals in all of these areas of expertise, I can tell you that no one disputes his claim.

More than one music activity executive has told me that the Music Affair Registry publications are worth their credence in platinum. Tess Taylor, leader of NARIP (National Connection of Best ever Business Professionals), says "I couldn't get all through one day devoid of the directories from the Music Affair Registry. These publications are the finest in the business. "

Each address list tells you how to reach commerce professionals by consistent mail, e-mail, absolute dial car phone and fax. The books bestow each person's exact title, avenue address, the name of their associate and the styles of music in which each executive specializes. Web sites are also included.


The world of the A&R executive is exciting but ever-changing. Which is to say, there's a lot of income in this part of the industry. So much turnover, in fact, that the A&R Registry is finally reorganized and reprinted every eight weeks, where the publisher degree is biannual and the other books come out yearly.


Created in affiliation with RPM Direct, the "Record Producer & CD Coax Directory" presents 1,700 of today's most important Background Producers, Demo Engineers & Remixers all the way through the US, Canada and Europe in every genre of music. Incorporated in the book are:

(1) Absolute call in a row for every Producer, Remixer & Cassette Trick along with a list of their credits.

(2) Producer/Engineer/Remixer Management Companies together with a complete staff inventory as well as full client rosters.

(3) A Absolute Index to by far locate any producer.

(4) More than a few Interviews and articles with today's chief Producers & Engineers.

No amazement you can find the Music Affair Registry's publications in the offices of top album business executives, music publishers, comedian managers, agents, music attorneys, demo artists, studios and other music commerce professionals far and wide from Los Angeles to London, New York to Nashville, Chicago to Copenhagen, Toronto to Tokyo, Stockholm to Sydney and Minneapolis to Munich.


The Music Commerce Registry is located at 7510 Day's end Blvd #1041, Los Angeles, CA 90046-3400. Phone: 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458. Fax: 800-228-9411 or 818-995-7459. E-mail: ritch@musicregistry. com.

Scott G (The G-Man) writes and produces radio commercials from G-Man Music & Radical Radio. With albums on Delvian Records, iTunes, Amazon, and many other online stores, he also composes music that is played in clubs, on academy radio stations, and on commercials. A associate of NARAS (the Grammy organization) and NARIP (National Company of Album Commerce Professionals), he writes about music, advertising, marketing, communications, advertainment, and digital allocation for the Immedia Wire Benefit and MusicDish. com. Samples of his songs and commercials are on his site at: http://www. gmanmusic. com


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