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Stuck in a music rut?

It happens. After listening to your darling song 1,379,614 times, you will, eventually, get sick of it.

So you find a new beloved song, all too aware that you'll soon grow as tired of it as your before pick.

This is even more liable to crop up when you only eavesdrop to one type of music, a habit I've never subscribed to and have a very hard time wrapping my mind about (my mind's not big an adequate amount to stretch that far). With all of the amazing types of music available, why limit by hand to one or two genres?

Do by hand a favor and start branching out. Sure, you love land music, but is it actually going to kill you to snoop to some R&B? Or maybe you're all about hip-hop - who's to say you won't find a rock song you like just as well? I'm continually so impressed when I hear a big cheese list their desired songs - and the songs in reality cover more than a few genres. Or decades! (Yes, oldies are goodies. )

Next time you hear your fave song come on the radio (you know, the one you've heard over a million times), care about in fact rotating away from it. Head over to the location you eavesdrop to the LEAST - your new darling song might be behind you for you. :)

Visit my music blog, Striking a Chord, at http://www. thepianopages. com/blog. Feel free to leave any comments, news, rants, or raves. Hope to see you there!


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