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Your pc is an astounding singer... if you let it! - music


As an amateur songwriter, who struggles with a central processing unit far from athletic an adequate amount of to run the compulsory software to background words of good quality, I have looked for good solutions. And I've found a few.

In a short while you will hear songs that are completely mainframe made - plus the vocals. Yamaha made the technology, and qualified it to a choice of companies. Vocaloid is the name - bear in mind it if you like music!

I have had the pleasure of hard Leon, the Virtual Soul Vocalist, from www. zero-g. co. uk.

The convolution hid after the seemingly simplistic crossing point is astonishing. I almost not had to look at the blue-collar at all while exploring - quite different for music software.

You draw your lyrics using the mouse, and then add lyrics on top. Then, add harmonics, vibrato, argument etc. as you want, tweak the phonemes (your words are inevitably converted, and you can edit them as you wish using the character reference guide in the manual) and go. Best the singing as WAV and import them into your favourite sequencer to add music, or use the curriculum as a VST plugin.

On their site, Zero-G describes Leon: LEON is a virtual male soul lead singer modelled on a real authority singer, and when he is installed into your PC he will accurately allow you to build singing of superb condition and realism. LEON will sing ANY words you ask him to in English - accurately no matter which - be they delightful lyrics or funny trivialities, Monteverdi madrigals or manic chants. You can coin vocal tracks of mournful singing in any lyrics you want. You just type in lyrics, and synthesize. Then add appearance to taste. LEON is under your total control, and the certainly mind-blowing thing is - he can truly sound like a expert singing voice. With very hardly custom the consequences you get from LEON will absolutely fool your links - they will consider they are listening to a real songster performing. The distrust you will hear will at all times be "WHO is that?", and not "What is that?".

I quite agree. Leon is astonishing. You need a athletic PC to run the Vocaloid programs. My 1 Mhz AMD Athlon with 512 Mb RAM had problems. (Windows XP, Pentium 4, 1. 7 GHz +, 1 GB of RAM or more is recommended). But still - I was able to use the curriculum - and the night I customary my copy, I didn't get to bed until 4 am?

You can find a machine for the Zero-G range at www. zero-g. co. uk. The retail price for both Leon and Lola is $329. 95/199. 95/?289. More info on the expertise can be found at www. vocaloid. com and a link to raving reviews in a mixture of magazines and newspapers (among them one from the New York Times upper-class Could I Get That Song in Elvis, Please?) are connected to from both sites.

I am now about to enter the singing part for one of my songs using Leon. Gotta go. Drop by www. haakon. nu to pay attention to the results!

Essential software

Band in a Box is the achieve companion to these plugins. Enter your chords, choose the style (from hardrock to soft ballads and classic Mozart) and cause your music. Read more at www. bandinabox. com and buy it for $88 ($249 for the MegaPAK with a horde of styles). BiaB 2005 also allows you to album singing part and to go with them - in add-on to a great array of other features. If you wish, you can have BiaB 2005 construct your whole song.

Haakon Rian Ueland is a ex- correspondent of the Mensa Global Journal, where this clause was first published. smartsoftware. org is dyed-in-the-wool to a range of Cellphones and to his column. You can commerce him at hueland (at) gmail (dot) com.


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