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What is music? - music


That's a fair question!

Basically, you can call music any noise that is set to each a rythm as in percussions or that follows a agreeable line of some sort.

Our early ancestors session exterior the cave by the fire, after a hard day of gathering and hunting food, almost certainly made music by drumming bones as one or blowing in sea shells. While the rest of them would make conveniently positioned grunts and howls.

Obviously, this was not Beethoven or Vivaldi musicality:) However, music is music!

This begs an added ask and that is: What is "good" music?

Altough this may seem like an difficult cast doubt on to answer, there is a clear-cut one.

Good music is any music you enjoy listening to! That's it!

Music is a genuinely delicate experience, the more different your exposure to music the wider your taste in music will be. My own delicate taste are very ecclectic to say the least. My delicate assortment includes over 5000 songs and will everlastingly keep growing.

The music I build is cpu generated and I will a bit voice over one of my poem. How good is it? I have been reviewed as an heir to the celebrated group Kraftwerk!

But again those that do not like the type of music would refer to it as CRAP! I am in receipt of airplay in the USA, Europe and Canada thus far. I do sell a few CD here and there:)

As I write this I have 5 albums existing and functioning on add up to 6. . .

Music is but one of my passion but definatly the most influential dynamic force after all of my other artforms and it shows in my everyday actions.

Basically, look back at history, and you will find music as the back into a corner stone of every circle no be of importance how small a tribe or how big a nation. It is an unavoidable fact that music is and will all the time be here to take us along on the long road of life.

Claude Gagne is the owner of K. L. O. D Radio http://www. klodradio. com an amateur music historian as well as a multidisciplinary artist http://www. lulu. com/claudegagne.


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