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I wish you could have seen me play the piano when I was just learning. I was the adjacent thing to "hopeless" that you could imagine. I was into baseball, not music - and my heroes were Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams. (And by the way, I still have a consider of those 3 guys on my wall. ) My dream was to hit baseballs like them, not to play the piano.

But an break to play with a combo existing itself to me when I was a freshman in high school. Seems the piano player of the group had graduated the before year, and no one else played piano well an adequate amount to play in the drill jazz combo. I didn't know zilch about live in a group, and I didn't know chords. But I was excited to have the occasion to play with older guys, and so I took the job.

The lead sax player told me I certainly ought to know chords in order to play in the group, so I searched all the way through a music magazine until I found an ad for a chord chart. It cost two bucks, as I recall, so I sent off for it. When I conventional it in the mail I slipped it at the back of the keys on my parents old upright piano, and at the appointed time erudite to play my first chord - Dm7. I LOVED the sound of it, and was hooked for life on chords. The 2nd chord I erudite was Cmaj7, then Em7, then Ebm7 - and ahead of that first night was over I had cultured to play "Frankie & Johnnie" - the tune in my right hand, and those amazing 7th chords in my left hand!

I loved it - LOVED IT - LOVED IT! And it even sounded good an adequate amount of to impress some of my acquaintances the next day. I consider that clean chord chart that cost me two bucks has been worth more than a few million over the avenue of my lifetime. And much more than that, has been worth quadrillions in pleasure and satisfaction and leisure and??

Even despite the fact that I came in the back door as far as piano in concert was concerned, I erudite fast as of what I knew about chords, so institution was a snap, and so was my post-graduate Masters Amount at Southern Oregon University. After high instruct I calculated with more than a few of the finest confidential teachers on the West Coast, counting a year with THE finest coach - his name was Dave - and his studio was on Cauhenga Blvd. in Hollywood. As I would come for my piano lesson, I would often pass a big name cd comedian appearance to their class - and any person who was a person in Hollywood in those days took instruction from Dave.

Dave qualified me 2 deep doctrine about piano playing:

1. The piano is NOT played with the hands - it is played with the brain. The hands are just tools. 2. If you master chord relationships, you can master music.

I've got a small amount fat hands with short fingers. Only just the ideal hands for piano playing.

I've also got a lousy sense of rhythm.

But you know what? As of those two ideology Dave skilled me, I can play "above" my fat hands and my weak rhythm.




Once a anyone "gets into the flow" of appreciation chord relationships and then hire the brain acquaintance flow into the hands, that character plays "above" his ability.

And the great thing about it is this: It's not some classified formula concealed in the archives of some dusty music art school in Prague. As an alternative it's an open book - there are courses in great quantities on the internet you can take for peanuts compared to a conventional music conservatory. The internet age has provided a way for the arithmetic mean anyone to be converted into an above-average musician!

Duane Shinn is the dramatist of over 500 music and piano books and crop such as DVD's, CD's, musical games for kids, chord charts, musical software, and piano lecture instructional courses for adults. He holds cutting edge degrees from Southern Oregon Academe and was the come to nothing of Piano Academia in Southern Oregon. He can be reached at http://www. pianolessonsbyvideo. com. He is the biographer of the all the rage free 101-week e-mail newsletter posh "Amazing Secrets Of Piano Chords & Blistering Chord Progressions" with over 55,000 existing subscribers.

Those fascinated may attain a free two-year subscription by going to http://www. playpiano. com/


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