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Chords or piece of music first... which is best? - music


There are all in all two ways you can collect yourself a piece of music. The first and most established way is to write out the tune and then go with it. Some call this effective from the top (as different to the chords on the bottom. ) The back up accost is where you build some kind of cadenced vocal archetype and ad-lib (or compose) the piece of music on top. Now, which one is best for New Age music?

The key is neither approach. Each has its own intrinsic worth and own elite benefits. For example, if you start with a archetype in your left hand and ad-lib a piece of music with your right, you are doing what most new age composers/improvisers do. This is what George Winston does most of the time. He has chords he sets to a a variety of rhythm and does his thing with that amazing right hand of his.

This is the style that I have been playing, but I've a moment ago lost appeal in it. Not for the reason that it isn't good but for the reason that I don't feel like in performance that way anymore. At this time I'm leaning towards a softer sound that comes from most important with the air first. What I do is get the first 2-bars down and then be creative the rest till I fill up 8 measures. This way I can vary the chords and patterns lacking it sounding very repetitive (minimalism). It's in point of fact a new style. You can call it easy on the ear while the other one (Harmony approach) is more textural. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR MOOD!

Don't let one style freeze you into a touch where you can't contrive artistically! Consider that your ambiance must come first. The whole lot else is secondary. Let your affection lead you and your construction will be truly inspired, however, if you try to mold what you have to say into a detail style, the answer may be less than satisfactory.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Stillness Music's online piano lessons. He has been plateful students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www. quiescencemusic. com/piano_lessons. html for a FREE piano lesson!


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