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The time android exist! - music


We call it music, ever noticed how acutely music triggers memory?

The music start and at once we consider who we were with, where we were, what we were doing. And a whole range of emotions to back them up.

Now that is time traveling!

I recieve email habitually thanking me for live a a variety of song, others desires song and the reasons are as different as the music itself.

"Reminds me of my free from care days"

"That's the song that played at our wedding"

"It was a darling of a buddy of mine who died last year"

Birthday, anniversary, retirement etc

A delightful thing this time machine, that can directly misused our mood! Pleasure, comfort, joy, sadness, so many moods! So much music!

We have come to take it for granted, haven't we? It has be converted into a noise in the conditions to drown out the noises of life!

But music is constantly there, you open the radio!

If your local locate don't play the tunes you want, the internet provides admission to thousands of stations playing the lot from classicals to heavy metal!!!

Being an amateur music historian, I love music!

Recently I did a show on the annals of drums a 6,000 year annals in a barely over 4 hours. For many of the viewers it was a revelation.

That was followed by a chronicle of the exciting guitar 4 hour and 23 notes of the best guitar players since its invention.

I am eternally creating music distinctive that are informative fun and entertaining.

Time go is free just open your ears wide to the possibilities!

Claude Gagne, owner of: K. L. O. D Radio the oldies station

Amateur Music historian and multidsciplinary artist brings a new dream of what radio ought to be in the 21st century!


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