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Legend Vega is scheduled to delivery her newest CD this summer, Own Space. Fans distinguish Legend's style as a cross connecting Mariah Carey and a female adaptation of Ricky Martin. She was born under the illumination of Broadway in New York City but raised to the beat of Salsa and Merengue on the hot sands of Puerto Rico. Legend Vega is an knowledgeable singer, songwriter, and model. She has just complete cassette her newest CD with all of her own material. Her mainstream pop style and her Latin credentials make her an admirable cross dancer for the U. S. market. Her album skin texture a broad mix of pop music recorded in English but with many Latin influences.

Legend has sung in a array of venues from Caribbean resorts to al fresco festivals, and even on Broadway. She has performed with famed artists such as Elton John as an breach act at the Conquistador. On Broadway she performed as the lead lead singer in "Tony and Tina's Wedding" where she sang 32 songs night by night under executive Larry Pellegrini. She has also exhibited her vocal skills as a duet partner and encouragement soloist on a mixture of CDs for other artists.

In addendum to her talents on stage, she also enjoys inscription songs. She identifies themes, composes the lyrics, and develops the song for all of her works. She has also been very complex in the preparations of each of the songs on her new album. She has concluded a gathering of songs in a wide array of styles (Pop, Rock, Romantic Ballads, Salsa, etc. )

"What I actually love about singing is being able to reach into someone's soul and touch their life in a exclusive way. By inscription my own music, I feel that I can do this even beat - it's as if I am having a very not public and intimate banter with each of my listeners. " -- Legend

Legend has an brisk and appealing on-stage authority as a dancer. She has performed concerts in styles ranging from classical ballet to Brazilian samba. She has performed solo dance shows and sang with artists such as world famous flute player Nestor Torrez.

"My real passion is singing. For me, dancing is just the way my voice radiates its change because of my body. Dancing is a actual addition of the sound of my music. " -- Legend

In accumulation to her musical and dance talents, she also has the animal look compulsory for mainstream pop marketability. She is an qualified and doing well model. She has appeared in print ads (perfume, hair, clothing, etc. ), tv commercials (beer, hair, etc. ) and live create shows (Victoria Secrets, etc. ). While modeling is not her main focus, her style and development is a plus to her on-stage consultation appeal.

Legend has a bachelor's grade in TV and film production, and has also calculated classical opera and concerto at the Music school of Puerto Rico. She has hosted a box progression about music topics (House of Rock) and fashioned a pilot for her own music show (Latino Connection). She has also had small cameo appearances in a assortment of other tv programs.

Her new album skin texture a array of pop songs. The music was recorded in San Juan under the leadership of Grammy award winner, Ramon Martinez. Legend co-arranged and co-produced most of the songs with Joaquin Fernandez. The instrumentals aspect such well known musicians as Januse Bakun (bass player for Ricky Martin and Mark Anthony), Reynaldo Torres (drummer for Luis Fonsi), Rey Reyes (singer for Menudo), Joseph Fonseca, Aldo Mata, and many others.

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