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Mid 1959 Stratocaster vintage guitars have a slab rosewood fingerboard with white "clay" position dots. The fingerboard radius of this Fender guitar is 7. 25". The base fingerboard is flat. Vintage Fender Stratocasters made July 1959 and after basically will have rosewood fingerboards. The neck now has a very thin "D" backshape, by the end of 1959 it gets even thinner.

Stratocaster vintage Fender guitars from mid-1959 have a celluloid "mint green" three layer pickguard which is white/black/white. Every now and then the pickguard of this vintage Fender is called a "nitro" pickguard. The celluloid pickguard was first introduced to the Stratocaster guitar about July 1959. Ahead of that, rosewood fingerboard vintage Stratocasters were made with a distinct white pickguard with 9 or 10 screws.

During the same time episode in 1959 some vintage Fender Stratocaster guitars were made with maple neck and a 8 screw three layer celluloid pickguard. In order to put back the thicker and much smaller shield formerly used on guitars definite layer pickguards, a thin aluminum armor the size of the pickguard was installed bottom the three layer pickguard.

Fender used a very photo-reactive dye in their sunburst finish of the vintage Stratocaster guitar. This caused many 1959 Strats to fade from 3-color sunburst to a 2-color. The photo-reactive characteristics of the red on the Strat Fender guitar caused evaporation from ultra-violet light. The departure is noticeable up close, from a detachment it is challenging to recognize.


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