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The demise of the #1 southern gospel locate - music


Back in the 90's we had a local Southern Gospel class (I can't consider the name. You'll see why if you keep reading). They were known for their motto, "If it doesn't say it, we won't play it. " They were gritty not to play watered-down Gospel music-even if it was Southern Gospel. And they did a good job.

The same year they made the "If it doesn't say it" deposit to the fans and the Southern Gospel industry, they were voted the #1 radio location in all of Southern Gospel.

Does that mean they had reached the top?

In knowing terms, yes.

Guess what happened next.

They switched to Contemporary. Less than a year later they switched to secular Pop music! Six months later, they were gone.

Did they reach the top in Kingdom terms?

I think not! God's at the top of The Kingdom with Jesus right beside Him.

We'll never be at the top of the Kingdom. After all, it's God's Kingdom. But that doesn't mean we ought to stop annoying to get as close as we can. If we make it to the top of our vocation, God has a basis and it's not so we can abandon His plan. Go out on your own and everything'll fall apart.

What happened to the #1 Southern Gospel base in the country?

My guess is that they altered their focus from The Kingdom Of God to the "Kingdom Of The Wallet. "

In experienced terms they were as far as they could go. In Kingdom terms they had a long way to go!

Joey Phillips
The Southern Gospel Place
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http://www. southerngospelplace. com


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