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Marshall Mathers, was born October 17, 72, and could be by far the most notorious and recognised rap music musicians of this age, having the alias Slimshady. Slim Shady is maybe best known for being one of the very few influencial white rappers in the hip hop industry, and not only one of the most dangerously acclaimed.

Marshall Mathers is in add-on infamous for the controversy with admiration to lots of slim shadys controversal lyrics, that has been avowed by the critics to be racist, angry and dangerous.

First exposed by the legend Dr. Dre, then the long awaited delivery of the Infinate, his up-to-date set on Shady After effects Records, before now had foremost fans of hip hop excited about Slim Shady. Jam packed of amazing poetic hits that delve deep into the outlook of a pervertly distorted but super distinctive rap artist, the hits carries alot of the most unbelievable and scary hurtfull lyrics ever put down.

And the real basis for the immense profits of Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Marshall Bruce Mathers III maybe sums eminems white hiphop artiste label advance by announcing "Every now and again 1 motherf***er comes along and guess what that happens to be me. "

It cadaver to be seen for how long Slimshady will be about, but slim shadys budding for a few overstepped the man marshall Mathers is more freqently likened with, Ice. In spite of this he is not slim shadys only challenger in the hip hop cosmos. Vanilla Ice told Vibe Magazine of late that Eminem "raps like a drill girl" adding up "I only dont like that tiny squealing voice. "

Marshall Bruce Mathers III also separates himself from the Ice man by going on the assail alongside most all and sundry in his lyrics.

Barry Hynes
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