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The Exploration for the Right Music

Ever since Georgi Lozonav, the noted Bulgarian physicist and accelerated culture pioneer, conducted his argument flouting studies about the blow of music on learning, trainers about the globe have been difficult to find the accurate musical formula to help them attach participants and churn out much loved results.

When Executive Oasis Global fashioned a strategic alliance with Kuala Lumpur based FIK Global to offer seminars all through Asia, we hunted to make sure that our attempt would be important to the a choice of cultures in which we would be working. We weren't sure what to expect. Acceptance was a lot easier than we anticipated. Asian audiences responded ardently to accelerated education with its importance on assembly starters, energizers, colourful visuals, and in-depth practice. Along the way, there were a come to of amiable surprises and unexpected discoveries about the consequence of music in training. For the first time, we will disclose a combine of these secrets to you.

Asian Memories: My Musical Journey

In Januray, 2000, I got off the plane at KLIA, biased my accelerated culture paraphanalia onto a cart and wheeled it out to meet FIK's Mr. T. Saravanan. I at once realized that I'd be right at home. You see I am Jamaican. The windshield of the car in which Sam Selvaj was before you for us had a HUGE Bob Marley and the Wailers sticker.

On the way to the hotel we even accepted a club called Marleys with a figure of Bob Marley in the front yard. These were the first clues that it was critical for us to comprise some reggae on our accelerated knowledge playlist. (Little did I know that, 2 years later, I would be chatting with Malaysian Rastafarians promotion Bob Marley tee shirts at the night bazaar and sipping sodas until 2 am on the patio of the Reggae Club along Penang's fashionable Batu Ferringghi. ) More discoveries lay ahead.

At our first session, attended by 65 delegates at Kuala Lumpur's Regent Hotel, we realized that tucked away in our boxes, we had packed the absolute ingredient to "spice up" our training. We'll give you a hint. It was music by a distinct artist. (Before we were introduced to this music, we had experimented with some fee free music, fashioned by a guidance company. While it was well established in the US, acceptance from our audiences in Canada had been lukewarm. So, we searched until we found music to which Canadian audiences responded enthusiastically. )

Music by this artist, would also make a costly donation to our warm delivery in Asia. From Bangkok to Bombay (Mumbai) from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, the domino effect were the same. In fact, 7 trips and over 1000 participants later, this music has chronic to cause excitement anywhere we have conducted sessions in Asia. The comedian is Ron Korb.

Music by Ron Korb: Ideal for Accelerated Learning

Whether we are in Toronto, Singapore or Penang, participants in our sessions all the time BEG us for more of Ron Korb's music. Music is a complete language. The right music can awfully enhance your education sessions. It can coin a warm and appealing background and build participant enthusiasm. The key is to find the right music and add it assiduously to the accelerated culture mix.

A Toronto based and globally acclaimed, Japanese-Canadian flute virtuoso, composer and music producer, Ron Korb has on the rampage 9 CDs as well as "Japanese Mysteries", "Flute Traveller", and "Celtic Heartland" the newly at large "Ron Korb Live" CD and DVD. Ron's music transcends boundaries, in place of world music at its best. A textile of Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Celtic, and Caribbean influences, blended seamlessly as one with jazz, Ron has produced a truly earliest sound. Ron has performed on dozens of CDs, TV shows, movie soundtracks (including Being Julia).

Ron has travelled about the globe studying and collecting over 100 aboriginal flutes. In Japan, Ron intentional the rattan flute and Gagaku court music. An award-winning song writer, major artists (including Hong Kong's Alan Tam, Stephanie Lai and Yvonne Lau) have had hits with Ron's music. Ron and his band evenly tour Asia, North America and Europe.

Preparing to use Music for Accelerated Learning

Based on our experience, here are a few tips for trainers and speakers in the hunt for to make sure that their sessions are well established by multi-cultural audiences both at home and abroad. The first must be obvious:

1. Use music,

Music can cross cultural boundaries and linguistic barriers.

2. All the time afford a participant profile or culture styles appraise for the appointment schemer to allot and accumulate from participants prior to your session.

Include questions about musical preferences on this survey. Spell to Taste: Catering to Diverse Erudition Styles from the Spice of the Month Accelerarted Knowledge ezine describes how to gauge musical and other participant preferences.

3. Let the class organizer, client or assembly conspirator know that you plan to use music at some stage in your session. Bestow them with bearing about obtaining the apt authority for legal use of music.

Musical Moments: Music for Accelerated Culture goes into aspect about how to officially use copyrighted music and how to achieve fee free music.

4. Coin a musical score for your instruction or presentation and integrate music into a mixture of aspects of your sessions.

There are many opportunities for using music at some point in training. Ron Korb's repertoire includes selections for every phase of training, for example:

PURPOSE Choice CD GUIDED Descriptions Flute Traveller Flute Traveller BREAKS The Great East Temple Japanese Mysteries STRECHING Group Ron Korb Live ENERGIZER Genji Ron Korb Live

5. If your listeners is conservative, alter the conduct in which you use music at some stage in your education sessions.

For example, at some point in the early stages of your seminar, confine your use of music to breaks.

Check out Conservative Corner: Accelerated Knowledge for Analytic Learners in the Spice of the Month Accelerated Education Ezine for details.

6. Beforehand you play, a medley of music, for a short time categorize the composer, the actor and the title of the selection.

7. Be relevant to your audience.

Even if it's just a 1 day session, you can give the group a accidental to decide on their favourite selections towards the end of the day. We at times give the occasion to cliquey the music for the next break as a reward for a mildly competitive apply or trivia questions.

8. Add a individual touch to your instruction by allocation your own civilization with participants all through your musical selections.

For example, depiction on my Jamaican heritage, I have reggae breaks. I have qualified delegates as far way as Kuching (Malaysian Borneo) to dance. Draw on music from your own cultural heritage, incorporate it into you presentations and seminars and it will help you cross cultures as you go about the globe.

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Anne Thornley-Brown is the Head and come to grief of Executive Oasis Global and their sister business The Exercise Oasis, Inc. , accelerated culture and team edifice experts and publishers of the Spice of the Month Accelerated Culture Ezine. All through a strategic alliance with Kuala Lumpur based FIK International, Anne has toured Asia 7 times and existing seminars to over 1000 executives, managers and HR professionals in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and India. Petronas, Malaysian Airlines, Digi, Mobil/Exxon, and Dell Computers are among the organizations that have sent delegates to her sessions in Asia.

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For More In rank about Ron Korb and his music: Ron Korb, Flutist and Composer, Jazz and World Music (Celtic, Latin, Japanese Music) - http://www. ronkorb. com

FIK International, Seminars and Conferences in Asia - http://www. fikintl. com


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