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Cd clubs: how to get the best deals online - music


(1) The BMG Music Benefit offers the best deal you'll find -- 11 CDs for the price of shipping ($2. 79 each) when you buy one CD at full club price, which is typically about $15 plus shipping. That works out to about $4 per CD. Its chief competitor, Columbia House, has an offer that works out to about $8 per CD.

(2) When you join, you will accept a file in the mail about every three weeks, along with a postcard that highlights a featured medley in the genre you preferred when you joined. You must benefit this postcard by the due date or the club will send you the selection. You can decline online, however, by taking down into your account. This makes the course much easier.

(3) If you fail to remember to come again the card and catch a CD you don't want, the clubs are good about hire you come back it. But the beauty of this approach for the clubs is that this happens often an adequate amount of and many ancestors don't disconcert distribution it back. They just pay the invoice.

(4) If you don't see the CDs you want in a newspaper or magazine advertisement visit the club's site to browse. Copy down the item amount of the CDs into the form (some titles will not be accessible as free selections and this will be indicated). Also, the clubs as a rule do not have the most modern and furthermost albums until months after their release.

(5) The clubs press their own CDs, which some colonize feel makes them inferior. But if you can hear the difference, you have develop senses than most humans.

(6) The clubs no longer have toll-free numbers, so the best way to associate them is by email. Constantly consist of your bill number. The contemporary phone amount and email deal with is programmed each month in your attachment catalog.

William Pilgrim has been a appendage of both BMG and Columbia House. You can read more about the clubs and their chronicle at http://www. dealdude. com by penetrating for keyword "cd clubs. " Copyright 2005 cc Media, Inc.


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