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12 reasons you must learn to play the piano - music


All right, folks, here you go: My 12 reasons why you must start erudition how to play the piano. Immediately. As in today. This very minute.

Okay, fine, be over this commentary first, THEN get started. And yes, I know that there are more than just 12 reasons to play the piano. But I ensue to like the amount 12. :)

1) All ought to play at least one instrument. I truly consider that. Every being on Earth ought to be able to sit at SOME instrument and be accomplished of assembly charming music.

2) Before a live audience the piano makes you feel (and look) sophisticated. Truly. No be of importance who you are or how many warts you have, you'll just exude class the agree with you begin tickling those ivories.

3) Piano in concert keeps your brain active. It's very hard for your brain to rot when you consistently throw it the musical foreign language to interpret.

4) You won't run out of effects to do when you're bored. There's all the time a new way to play, continually a new advance to playing, and always, always, Constantly a new song to learn. (See come to 8. )

5) Category members can live vicariously all the way through you. I'm semi-serious about that. The analyze I began charming piano schooling (back when I was 10) was as of grandparents who didn't play, and over the years I've had frequent relatives enjoy before a live audience all through me. (I live to serve. )

6) Associates will consequentially fake you're a genius. Honestly, I've heard this a lot. Colonize uttering "He/she plays the piano" in the same tone cold for "He/she has an IQ of 174. " You just can't help but admire a big cheese in performance an instrument.

7) Piano in performance is good for your hands. Certainly it is. I doubtless have stronger hands/fingers than most ancestors I know. And have you ever noticed the hands of a pianist? Beautiful, long, pointed fingers. Probability are that if you've ever fashionable someone's hands, they play the piano.

8) Pianists never quit learning. There's agreed no way to commit to memory every musical piece on earth. You could learn 10 new songs a day for the rest of your life lacking scratching the appear of songs out there.

9) Piano in concert is FUN. Really. It's one of the funnest clothes I do. Think about it, why would so many of us do it if it weren't a blast?

10) Deep down, all and sundry requirements they played the piano. Have you ever read other people's New Year's Resolutions lists? If you haven't, then you're just not nosy like me. No, seriously, if you haven't, I'll tell you which wish consistently pops up: "Learn to play the piano. "

11) Piano in performance is SATISFYING. It's truly one of the most fulfilling equipment you can do. (Right after emotive your nose with your tongue. Or so I hear. ) There's no ambiance like live a awkward song and in performance it flawlessly. Quite an ego-boost.

12) Each one loves a musician. 'Nuff said. :)

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