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10 ways for mysterious musicians to get the word out - music


When Clear Concentrate pedals the radio and the monopoly newspaper doesn't like you, how do you win over new audiences?

The good news: there are many, many ways. Here are ten of my favorites.

1. Advance a local school or different radio location or cooperation admission cable TV class with a indoctrination idea, like a live songwriter showcase. Other musicians will want to be a part of your show, and you'll build an interview for your own music--and theirs.

2. Write CD or concert reviews for a local complementary (or mainstream) paper.

3. Give copies of your CD away to communal radio and TV stations for their fund drive premiums.

4. Organize, publicize, and act upon at assistance measures for your beloved causes.

5. Lead songwriting or the stage workshops in the schools (these are customarily paying gigs, and all the parents hear your name). Ask some of the kids to act with you; they're sure to bring a bunch of relatives along who will pay for their tickets and maybe buy a CD.

6. Declare your gigs in every convergence calendar. Newspapers, magazines, radio stations, cooperation web sites, cable TV stations--they all run event listings. Type out one item that includes a tag line about what you do, such as "Sandy Songwriter, River City's 'Homegrown Bono,' will act labor songs and love ballads at The Trombone Shop, 444 4th Road in City center River City, Wednesday, January 15, 7 p. m. " If admission is free or there's a aid organization connection, say so. Bring in associate phone digit and e-mail.

7. Find Internet debate groups correlated to your cause. Whether it's immigration, voting reform, peace, safe energy, the right to choose. . . there will be argument groups online. Post responses and bring in a "sig"--a short on-line affair card. Use another sigs for atypical purposes. Here's one of mine (in a real e-mail, it would be single-spaced):


Shel Horowitz, mailto:shel@frugalfun. com, 800-683-WORD/413-586-2388

"I make the world Be adamant on culture why YOU'RE special"

News releases, brochures, newsletters, ad copy, web copy, resumes, etc.

http://www. frugalmarketing. com * http://www. principledprofits. com


8. Set up a clear-cut low-cost website. Add in a connect of sound clips, films of you performing, a place for colonize to sign up for your fan newsletter, a link to your desired musicians, and, of course, your tour schedule and gig availability.

9. Get exposure on other people's websites. Write CD reviews, approve their music with a blurb, give in articles on the local music scene. . . and at all times consist of your acquaintance in sequence and a account that encourages ancestors to visit your site.

10. Use the correspondence columns. Call in to talk shows. Post letters to Web forums. . . in short, use every criticism tool you have to apply the word.

Copywriter, marketing consultant, and amplifier Shel Horowitz is the dramatist of six books and publisher of five websites, five webzines and three ezines. His two most recent, Honorable Profit: Marketing That Puts Associates First (http://www. principledprofits. com) and Grassroots Marketing: Being paid Noticed in a Noisy World (http://www. frugalmarketing. com) have both won awards. He's at this time engaged in a canvass to get 25,000 ancestors to sign--and spread--the Affair Ethics Pledge: http://www. principledprofits. com/25000influencers. html


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