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The portable MP3 player continues to be the hot item for those who want music on the go. I was chatting to a teen the other day bearing a fob watch MP3 player she takes on her walks. She showed me how it provisions & plays about 60 songs and does the whole lot but tell time.

"Cool", I said, "That's a lot of music. "

"Yeah, it's not an iPod, but good an adequate amount of for me now. " She explained apologetically.

Why was the 60 song aptitude such a disappointment? I can't even name 60 songs.

Well, the iPod is the acknowledged king of all MP3 players and it holds a lot of music. I got my first real demo from my 16 year old niece last Christmas. Her cute and deficient a small amount sister threatened to enter the work force early to achieve her own. Every kid wants one bad, but read on, these gizmos aren't cheap!

The iPod has caused the new start of Apple Computer, Inc. , which has sold over 10 million units as of Q1 2005, with once a year sales emergent at a respectable 525 percent! I haven't seen that kind of augmentation since the invention of toilet paper. Apple has also develop into an industry-leading pacesetter in advertising music online from their iTunes website.

Take an iPod Tour

The iPod Mix up is the baby of the family, gift 512MB of space, which can hold about 120 songs and set you back $99. 00. But all must ask themselves in the mirror, "Can you show your face at a party packing only 99 songs?" If you're not sure, advance buy a hardly assurance in the form of the 1-gigabyte Shuffle, which can hold 240 songs. ($149. 00) Your peers will acknowledge that you're in the iPod game, albeit entry level.

For some, 240 songs barely scrapes the ascend dust of their collection, coercing them to care about the iPod Mini which can hold 1,000 songs ($199) or the 6GB Mini, which holds 1500 songs. ($249) I noticed that Apple is still using little adjectives for this creation level, and I guess the communication is that the "Mini" is for a puny music anthology that is tiny and fairly small-ish. So be cautious when charitable this one as a gift.

"Here son, I got you an "iPod Mini" for your birthday!"

"Thanks Dad, but what do I look like, a baby? It only holds 1500 songs! They'll laugh at me! "

"But son, my cohort desired a affecting crane and a 3 man crew to bring in a appliance that could play that much music. "

"I belief you loved me. . . "

If your unsure of the size of your child's music library, the "regular" iPod is the way to go. ($299) Each one on this level is "normal" and "common" and no one can be singled out for ridicule. Complete for a young teen! And 20GB of space gives you that standard 5,000 songs, which is almost certainly well thought-out usual and customary in a world belt-tightening exercise that had a ten-year run at emptying the effect off the digital shelves of the album business for free.

Granted, there are many who would beg for death fairly than leave the house with so many songs left after on their 'big' computers. The 60GB iPod Photo ($449. 00) would be the array for them. It can hold 15,000 of your darling songs, or 25,000 of only your best looking photos. I keep my 25,000 photos in bins out in the garage. (Admittedly, they're a hardly bulky to carry around, and I have complexity with retrieval when I appeal to look up a distinct birthday or anniversary memory. )

But if you're export any of these for your kids birthday, advance up their allowance, or put them to work down at the mill since these iPods are explicitly calculated to download from the iTunes website for 99 cents a track.


Napster began hollering "Do the Math!" from the sidelines with a spot all through the Superbowl. They spent $2. 2 million to ask the question, "How much does it cost to fill up your player?" The spot is no longer on the ballet company website, but it showed a guy in the Superbowl stands investment a sign that read, "Do The Math"

iTunes + 10,000 songs = $10,000. 00

Napster + MP3 player = $15. 00 per month

It appears like Napster wins the competition of MP3 players hands down! Napster has a million songs that you can download day and night for only $15. 00! (I astonishment if they paid for all those. ) But there was a condemnation in print in the ad, that was so small I didn't catch it on my father-in-law's big check which takes two houses to contain. They only flashed it for a instant so it must not have been important. I looked it up later: "Subscription must be maintained to carry on to approach songs downloaded from service. " Turns out, with Napster's service, you're not buying, but rather, you're renting the music. You can't burn them onto a CD and you can only use them on a selection of MP3 players. When you quit paying the $15. 00 per month, the music disappears. . . no be relevant how long it took you to download it all. If you want to buy a song from Napster, it will cost you. . . drum roll please. . . 99 cents!

So is the real math?

iPod = Napster?

So my music loving friends, here is how I add up the numbers:

For $9900 you can download 10,000 songs from both Napster or iTunes and own them. Or for the same price you can download an boundless quantity of songs from Napster for 55 years, but you can't leave them to your children.

Rick David writes a humor feature called, "Don't Laugh It Could Crop up To You" for http://sandiego. merchantamerica. com


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