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Vision Music USA is a down to business and progressive music assistance firm with the appeal of their clients the forceful force that makes them successful. Head Josh Epstein and CEO Nick Stamoulis are paying attention on plateful the Autonomous artists to avow be in charge of of their career by discount them time and their hard-earned dollars. Josh took some time from his busy day to talk to me about their emergent company.

MuzikMan: How did you and Nick meet? What advantage and goals did you share that brought you together? What are your backgrounds and what qualifies you to bestow all of these armed forces to Autonomous artists?

Josh: Nick and I met in Boston. I was functioning as the Publicist at the Mama Kin Music Hall co-owned by Aerosmith. Nick and I care very much about music and musicians. Both Nick and I have continually required to work in music. Specifically, we want to work on our own terms. In isolation we have worked with colonize who care more about money then essentially ration artists. We have seen hard effective musician's be deceived by manipulators posing as true professionals. Our goal is to own and run a circle that is a true supply for autonomous musicians. We both bring very detail talents to our company. Ability to see Music USA is Nick and Josh. A major prerequisite to ahead employment with Dream is to share not only our beliefs but our work ethic.

What qualifies Nick and I to assist others with their careers is our aptitude to attach to the artist. We have both spent more than a few years in the trenches, comparable to hard operational musicians. Nick and I have worked in a number of key aspects of the music business (booking, radio, marketing, dancer development, promotions, management, etc). As the Cabinet Controller for the NEMO Music Display case and Association I evaluated over 2,000 bands and musicians. I acclaim my ear for music and my eye for critiquing press kits to that conference. We chose to work with all-embracing musicians for many reasons. One, with our assistance they might not be detached for long. Two, we have constantly required to bestow the assets detached bands need to take their career's to the next level. This is what is so exciting. This is what makes going to work a pleasure. It's deliberate that you are assembly an close blow in someone's career.

MuzikMan: Where did you get the name Ability to see Music USA? How long have you been in affair and how does an actor know that you are the real deal and certainly a "No Bullshit Firm" that you admit to be? Do you have authentic authentication from customers that ropes that statement?

Josh: Eyesight is austerely the artists own vision. It is where they perceive their career is headed. This is all ahead of we start with them. Once we start with an dancer we take their eyesight to the next level. Eyesight Music USA has been in commerce for about two years. "No bullshit firm" is Nick's idea. It is very true. It means that we don't give the artiste the runaround. We know how central their time is. We see it as a privilege to be effective with the associates we do. An dancer sees this when the two owners of the business are constantly complicated or supervising their project. We are very proud of our testimonials. When our customers take the time to definite their happiness with our work it truly makes our day. All of our client testimonials are on our website.

MuzikMan: What happens if a detail actor is not happy with a touch you have done, what is your recourse?

Josh: The buyer is continually right. I cultured that at an early age from my priest who owned a clothing store. We make our clients feel like family. If there is a challenge with a portion of a benefit we do our best to assuage the situation. Nick and I will continually find an cordial clarification for both parties.

MuzikMan: Are you both obtainable to commune with on the phone or by e-mail at some point in conventional affair hours? How long does it take you to counter to a clients query?

Josh:e are very busy. However, we are very accessible. Nick and both give our email addresses out freely. If we are busy, our modus operandi is to come back all calls in 24 hours. For the most part, most ancestors call us and our employees via email.

MuzikMan: What made you choose to take the chance, quit your day jobs, and make this a full time gig? Most citizens are not agreeable to take that chance, what makes you different?

Josh: We both knew it was going to work. We have put countless hours of time into Ability to see Music USA. We feel that we have an innovative idea. We bestow armed forces to those who need it. Additionally, our armed forces are very cost effective. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. Nick and I are concerned in creation money long term while selection musician's attain their creature goals.

MuzikMan: What can an comedian be expecting to get in benefit for all of your services? What is the goal for each certain client?

Josh: First and foremost, we are consultants. It is our job to make specially a client's benefit to fit their needs. With our assistance, the dancer will have a far superior accepting of where they stand and where they need to go. For example,if an actor purchases a Press Kit Advance box we from tip to toe analysis their creative work. After this account we give them the counsel suggestions they need. We point the dancer in a command they are comfortable with. The goal is to bring them more credit and make the press kit more helpful for the artist. Each client's goals are assessed on a made to order basis. This is our philosophy.

MuzikMan: Where does Dream Music USA want to go from here?

Josh: We would like to assert our growth. We will be budding more food and armed forces for our customers. It is central to Apparition Music USA to assert and incessantly build relationships with other companies. We have a few other ideas but that's a different interview.

MuzikMan: Do you both feel that in the long run labels will not exist and all artists will have absolute be in charge of of their work in the aspects of production, allocation and promotion? A lot of that is event on the Internet right now, do you think it's a good thing? Are there some drawbacks to this radical departure from the eminence quo?

Josh: If ancestors can do equipment on their own that was never possible, then go for it. Artists must have more be in charge of over their own work in general. I think the internet is amazing. Bearing in mind what I do for a living. I feel there are too may artists who don't fully appreciate what a best ever deal is. Too many artists think receiving signed is the goal. I think it be supposed to be the start.

Take your Career to YOUR next level with Eyesight Music USA!

Vision Music USA is a TRUE autonomous musician's resource!

Some army include: Comedian Development, Booking, Merchandise, Decorative Design,Website Design, CD Duplication and much more!

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