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The flower patch and new age piano music - music


If you've ever looked at a flower garden, not only its beauty may have awestruck you, but also its general arrangement.

There may have been some tulips or roses collective with other plants or plants.

You may also have stood there looking it over. Maybe you ongoing on one side and your eye moved down or vice-versa. Now, music creation is a lot like flower arranging. You association altered fundamentals to make a agreeable whole.

It is a artless bias of the human mind to build order out of chaos and art from nothing. What is delightful to the listening ear is symmetry. The flower assembly captivates, not only for the reason that of its great beauty, but for the reason that it has been cool, calm and collected and prearranged to a gratifying whole - a bit the eye and the mind can grasp hold of and ponder.

We walk away with a sense of completion since a big shot took the time to bring order into chaos. A big cheese agreed changeable essentials to conceive art. Now this is what musicians do whether they apprehend it or not. But as a substitute of flowers, we use notes and chords. As a replacement for of a vase, we use musical form to hold the notes and chords.

Music is a more arduous art since the rudiments are not as by a long shot put together. Music is slippery and fleeting but when we learn to use the tools of repetition and contrast, we begin to put some order into chaos. Chaos is good and has its place in improvisation, however, for those who wish to calm their own music, it's a good idea to learn the tools of the trade.

The flower controller must know how to build a calculate concerning color and form - the general look and feel of the arrangement. The composer must also coin compare but uses musical resources - chords, notes, phrases, etc.

Then he puts it as one into a framework. A flower assembly can be big or small depending on the size of the vase. Similarly, a new age piano work can be long or short depending on the total of differ and repetition used.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Serenity Music's online piano lessons. He has been ration students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Stop by now at http://www. quiescencemusic. com/piano_lessons. html for a FREE piano lesson!


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