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They're everywhere, and not only are they everywhere, they look cool too. Since its launch in 2001, 10 million have sold and 8 million of those were in 2004. So appreciated to the next generation. 8 tracks, records, cassettes, CDs, and now the iPod.

I don't have one, yet. My first taste of it came when my girlfriend got one, and asked if I would set it up for her using my computer. Exhausting those now closely familiar hip cream coloured headphones, I could feel the eyes of every have-not-an-iPod on me with curiosity and maybe a diminutive jealousy. I even in progress on foot differently. Listening to Led Zeppelin, then Radiohead, and then some Bob Marley on my way to school, there was beyond doubt more bound in my step, and I sat by means of class in a much beat mood than usual. For a mere two days it was in my possession and directly I could feel for myself being sucked into its cult.

And why wouldn't you? An iPod lets you put 10,000 songs confidential a little the size of a pack of cigarettes. Gone are the heavy, fragile CD cases and the Discman that skips after each step.

Is the iPod altering the way we pay attention to music? Undeniably. With an iPod, we can take our music anywhere, and not just one album like we could with the walkman. Now we can carry our complete collections far and wide we go. It can play mixes at parties. You can bring it on the go back and forth to work or for a jog. You can save Microsoft Word id on it and photos for that matter. Don't like a actual song on an album? Cancel it. Credit to the iPod, music has befit an even superior part of our lives for the reason that now it's just a click away, and it's closely how we want it.

Apart from the chance of our complete collections being with us at all times, the iPod's capabilities have done a touch even better. By being able to store over 700 albums, the iPod is cheering us to try types of music we might not have listened to before. When burning a CD to an iPod takes a short few minutes, what's there to lose?

But is it all just a trend? Doubtful, in particular with associates expenses on be in the region of 100 pounds on iPod accessories. It's challenging to conjure up a touch citizens now say they can't live exclusive of vanishing, but for Apple CEO Steve Jobs finds a different way to outdo himself yet again. And on that note now Apple has come out with the smaller, cheaper adaptation of the iPod called the iPod shuffle. Will it have the same blow as its predecessor? Only time will tell.

Spencer Anderson

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