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Eminem: a common commentator - music


In an interview given to Musik Magazine in 2000, Eminem explanation some of his lyrics:

'Please Lord, this boy needs Jesus/Help this child, help him annihilate these demons/Please send me a brand new car and a prostitute while my wife is sick in the hospital'. What I'm demanding to say is we've got all these preachers going 'Jesus, Jesus! And then they're molesting kids. I'm charming stabs at corrupt muthafuckers in the system. (Eminem)

Believe it or not, but Eminem feels affair for kids. He is a denonciator of our society's hypocrisy. Some ancestors don't like it when the truth gets exposed like this. But in the end only truth matters. Eminem's words will shock you, stab you, pull away your old fashioned way of idea : he is a commentator of our society's deseases and be supposed to be taken seriously, as he does his job very well. Connecting his funny and dark humored lines, Eminem has a touch critical to say. The theme of the altered priest also appears in the « Role Model » video where you can see the priest caressing a young boy's knee.

Parents, you must be more concerned for your kids being abused by priest than by Eminem's so called « bad affect ». Eminem won't rape your kids?
How many paedophiles priests have tried to abuse young children? How many scandals relating young kids the Vatican has been confronted to? How many scandals the Vatican is now frustrating to hide?

If you check out this website, you will find out that there is an alarming digit of sex dealings linking priests and children:

http://www. licatholic. com/news. htm

I've been confronted to Christian fanatics from another tendencies and I noticed that they all has amazing in common. While in view of themselves as "saints" and passion citizens who didn't be in the right place to their organizations "sinners", they were in fact absolute hypocrits. They were live two assorted roles and were performing arts like two altered personnel whether they were at House of worship of at home. At Chuch, they were frustrating to hide their own dirty behavior. At home, they were swearing, disrespecting their wifes and children, beating some dirty magazines and tapes. And of course, they painstaking themselves as "saved by Jesus" while other ancestors were (you guessed it) lost.
What an hypocritical behavior!

Eminem fights adjacent to such hypocrisy. He describes effects the way they are. He also spoken adjacent to Bill Clinton's hypocrisy:

« When a big shot says kids look up to me, I'm like 'Our head smokes weed and is receiving his dick sucked and is fucking lying about it. So don't tell me shit. I'm not the fucking president. I'm a rapper and I don't want to be a role model'. I'll tell a kid, 'Look up to me as a big cheese who's come from naught and now has everything. Don't look up to me for being violent and doing drugs. Don't be like me. ' »

Eminem's got a clear implication for kids (and also for adults). Look at equipment the way they are. Don't try to avoidance from reality. Look at it in its complete uglyness and try to learn a class from it.
To the kids, he evidently wants to say that he's not their role model, but that they can learn from his story. Eminem encourages a lot of kids who come from poor community classes. He has shown the that they can « make it » if they are dogged to.
He is not the fool some parents want to make of him. He never encourages them to be violent nor to take drugs.

I do teach English and German at broadcast schools. I am an Eminem novelist and a self-employed music journalist.


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