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If you're a digital music fan, you maybe have tribulations organizing your music file collection. For me, I used to have hundreds of MP3 files lumped in one folder in my hard drive. Can you dream the pain I had to go all through to find one aspect tune to pay attention to?

Organizing your music files is an central skill to learn. Once your anthology is nicely sorted out, you'll be able to find the songs you want at once and easily. So set aside some time and read all the way through the next tips I've come up with.

1. Conceive Subfolders

The free most central tip for organizing your music files is to construct subfolders in your hard drive. Don't ever leave your MP3 files in one huge folder called C:My Music. Construct subfolders like C:My MusicClassical, C:My MusicPop and C:My MusicSoundtracks.

2. Guarantee your ID3 Tags Are Correct

ID3 tags are used to store critical in a row about MP3 files. Equipment like the song title, artist, album are kept and will be displayed by your MP3 player. Take the time to by the book edit these tags - many MP3 files you download have the ID3 tag in order all wrong. A good software code for bowdlerization ID3 tags is TagScanner.

3. Invest in Good Music Management Software

There are quite a few first-rate pieces of software out there for running music files. Two good ones come to mind. The first is MediaMonkey and the back up is MusicMatch Jukebox. Both programs offer brilliant music management skin like an integrated music player, CD burning facial appearance and ID3 tag renaming.

4. Get Your Music Files from Legal Sources

If you've been downloading music using P2P (peer-to-peer) file allotment programs like KaZaa, you will very expected get music files which have curious names like 56_HeyjAck. mp3. My advice: Get your files from legal sources like online music armed forces iTunes or Napster and you will avoid this problem.

5. Coin Good Playlists

Most software music player (e. g. Winamp) will allow you to build playlists. For example, say you're in the mood for rock songs, you can point to your folder called C:MusicRock and build a playlist from that folder. Save the playlist after it is created. When you next feel like listening to those songs, all you need to do is load that playlist as a replacement for of trawling all through your hard drive and folders.

6. Get A Huge Hard Drive

I know this sounds a barely crazy - but in succession out of disk space can and will ruin your well-organized music collection. Make sure you have adequate hard disk space to store your music files. Say you have 10,000 music files that you completely must hang on to and eavesdrop to. It is a very bad idea to store, say, 8,000 files in Hard Drive A and 2,000 files in Hard Drive B. Very messy. It's change for the better to store them all in one hard disk. So get your hands on the chief hard drive you can find.


I hope this critique helps you to arrange your music assembly a a small amount better. I know it takes effort, but once your music album is by the book catalogued, listening to your music assortment will be a much more amusing experience. So don't hesitate - get controlled now!

About The Author

Gary Hendricks is cpu enthusiasts. He runs three websites about digital video, digital music and computers.

gary_hendricks@digital-music-guide. com


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