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OK, say you've got one thousand of your beloved MP3 songs session in your hard disk. What's the best way to enjoy those files? Most of us in all probability will use the Windows Media Player to pay attention to those files. but did you know there are other more innovative and exciting ways playback MP3, WMA and WAV files?

Let's take a look at the five methods.

Use MusicMatch Jukebox

If you think most that most PC programs for live digital music look like the built-in Windows Media Player, think again. There are programs out there that go far away from the Windows Media Player in functionality. One great illustration is Musicmatch Jukebox from Musicmatch. Musicmatch Jukebox is quite cleanly the world's best digital music player. It wires playback of a range of music formats like audio CDs, MP3s, Internet streams, WMAs, WAV files and more. You also get CD burning, music ripping and music organizing capabilities. The Plus description even allows you to certainly tag your music files with comprehensive info and album art!

Use a Portable MP3 Player

Portable music players like the Apple iPod, Creative Nomad and Rio Nitrus have taken the advertise by storm. You don't have to be confined to your desktop PC or notebook to pay attention to digital music! The portable music players can allow you to take your music anywhere. The compact size of MP3 and WMA music formats means that you can factually take a jukebox of thousands of songs whereever you go! You may also want to check out my analysis of the top 5 portable music players here. There are also other portable music options, as well as handphones with MP3 support.

Use a PDA

The most up-to-date Abridged PC or Palm-based delicate digital assistants (PDAs) can also act as music players. Pop in a large reminiscence card (e. g. 64 MB) and you can store many MP3 or WMA files. Then hook up a headphone, launch the music software in the PDA and you're good to go! I for myself own a HP iPaq 2210 which for practical purposes keeps track of my appointments and doubles up as a music player.

Use Your Car Stereo

This is my choice way of listening to my MP3 collection. I in recent times bought a car stereo that can playback native MP3 songs. This means that I can pop in a data CD containing hundreds of MP3 files and the car stereo will play them! This does not work on predictable car stereos. If you own a conformist car stereo, but still want to eavesdrop to your MP3 songs, one way is to build an audio CD from your music files first. The car stereo will then have no catch interpreting and in performance back the audio CD. Of course, in this case, you'll be narrow to about 14 to 17 tracks of music only.

Use Your Home Stereo

If you're a music lover, you maybe previously have a home stereo. Use it to snoop to your MP3 music files! However, take note that Like car stereos, predictable home stereos will not be able to play back native MP3 songs. You will need a newer home stereo set with MP3 playback capability. New models from Kenwood, Panasonic, Forge and Sony commonly have MP3 support.


As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy that digital music assembly of yours. My choice methods of listening to digital audio files is via a portable music player or the car stereo. Of course, you may have your own favorite - some ancestors like to listen in to music off their desktop PC or laptop. Choose which method(s) is apposite for you and go for it!

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