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Quick and easy violin mute - music


One of the reasons I pulled out up the violin was since it was easier to pass through with than a guitar (not that I haven't found some nice journey guitars, but that's a further story). It fits in an aircraft overhead and is easy to carry!

However, I want to be considerate of the folks in the rooms about me when I'm live in my hotel room. I certain I considered necessary a mute -- there are a lot of gizmos you can ascribe by a long shot (and not so easily) to your violin to cut down the sound. I sought a bit clear-cut and efficient -- it had to be easy to slip on and off and it had to work!

Turns out it was especially easy to find, too! Head to your laundry basket and grab a bound clothespin. Okay, go ahead and grab two -- just in case. Slip the first clothespin onto the treble side of your violin bridge. Angle the pin downwards so it won't interfere with your bow.

That's it! Give it a try and you'll be amazed at how the sound is muted. If you want even more muting, put the back pin on the bass side of the bridge. (When you do this, it looks like your violin is bearing a mustache!)

Doesn't get much easier than this -- plus there's almost certainly room in your case for the two clothespins. Simple, cheap, and efficient (although it does look a barely goofy).

Joey Robichaux maintains Free Sheet Music at http://www. freesheetmusic. net.


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