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Gibson guitars have been about forever. It's funny, but even though Gibson has formed some of the most amazing guitars in history, maybe the company's chief giving to music has been all through their advancements in become familiar with technology. Gibson's first stimulating guitar the ES-150 was formed in 1936, and is still careful one of the best sounding emotional jazz guitars in the world.

In 1946 Gibson introduced the P-90 lone coil pickup, which was in the end used on the first Les Paul model in 1952. The Les Paul was Gibson's first solid body stimulating guitar. In 1957 Gibson introduced the legendary Humbucker become familiar with on the Les Paul model, and an direct classic was born. The P-90 and the Humbucker cursorily became the pickups of array for Gibson's getting higher line of solid body thrilling guitars.

1961 discernible the beginning of one of Gibson's most doing well models ever, the bend in half cutaway SG. This was followed by the Firebird, and Fleeting V models, each a classic in its own right. In accumulation to electrics, Gibson produces some of the finest acoustic guitars available.

Gibson's assurance to excellence, and assistance of top musicians is demonstrated most acutely all through its well known Custom Shop. The Custom Shop produces department instruments for artists, and judicious musicians. In addition, many well known historic classics have been accurately reproduced by the Gibson Custom Shop, allowing a whole new cohort of guitarists to come into contact with Gibson's feature guitars.

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